We are seeking distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand to spear head DeLaVie becoming a solution the enormous issue of western people who are over fead being malnutrition.

Malnutrition is a condition resulting from an unbalanced diet or insufficient food. If you live for an entire year on Twinkies and diet soda, you will undoubtedly suffer from malnutrition.

DeLaVie has been formulated in away that your body can absorb the vitaminsand nutrition that are present in every dose.


We represent an an award winning international product made by the Swiss Laboratory that is being launched in Australia in the coming months. The vitamin drink called ”La Boisson DeLavie” (The Drink of Life) is a premium vitamin drink that will have a Melbourne and Victoria based launch to Australia, with the Fitness Industry being a major focus and the Fitness Expo being the spearhead (October 13 - 15, 2017)

Naturally, we have a product launch and marketing campaign that will ensure our target market is aware of DeLaVie and its unique qualities. We also have a merchandising program to give our retailers (Gyms & Fitness Industry) every opportunity to benefit from having their members take up the “24 day” challenge and become repeat customers at prices they cannot get when buying retail.

Although DeLaVie is a product that is good for your general health, it does lend itself brilliantly to those who are wanting to be in peak performance and overall health.

For this reason, our marketing focus is towards your industry and the model is simple.

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