The Swiss Laboratory Ltd. aims to bring to your home the natural treasures that are found in the mountains of Switzerland.

The growing power of magic herbs there, centuries of empirical evidence. The world’s active substance research into the stronghold of the country. The local plants, experts developed the materials that millions of people extended their lives in the coming decades.

The official exclusive representative for Australia & New Zealand is DeLaVie for Life PTY Ltd. 

The food products of Swiss Laboratory developed from original Swiss raw materials are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, thus they support the healthy and balanced functioning of the body. we provide to our consumers the carefully designed combination of nutrients in a high dosage and easily consumable form.

During the development of our recipes we also devote considerable attention to pleasure value, our products are exceptionally delicious. the uncompromised Swiss quality standard is ensured by the most modern production technology and the raw materials selected with great care. our products are manufactured in the most modern factory of Europe based on strict food safety regulations.

La Boisson DeLaVie is a unique, powerful functional vitamin drink. The composition of ingredients supplies the body with essential nutrients that can boost the immune system and support the healthy functioning of the digestive, respiratory and nervous system.

Swiss Laboratory owns the licence to a manufacturing process that ensures the production of the most complex functional drink worldwide.

DeLaVie combines original Swiss herbal extracts with a complex vitamin matrix. Each of the carefully chosen and portioned ingredients complements one another, targeting vital functions and supporting your health.

The non-carbonated soft drink is made with natural fruit juices and mineral water, with low carbohydrate and calories, completely free of artificial sweeteners, colourings and preservatives, thanks to the latest pasteurising method. The liquid formula ensures that the high concentration of vitamins get effectively absorbed and utilised in our system.


As a result of profit oriented manufacturing, nowadays the useful amount of nutrients in our grocery has decreased. Our unbalanced nourishment is worsening the situation even more.

The foods of Swiss Laboratory developed from original Swiss ingredients are enriched by vitamins, minerals and herbs thus supporting the balanced function of the organism.

To our consumers we offer the combination of the carefully selected nutrients in a large dose and an easily consumable form.

By framing our recipes, we pay extra attention to the enjoyment value, our products are exceptionally delicious.

The Swiss standard without any compromise is ensured by the most up-to-date production technology and the carefully selected ingredients.

Our products are manufactured in the most modern factory of Europe based on strict specifications on food safety.

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