Why do we need vitamins for our body?

Today's modern world is increasingly characterised by a continuous rush and a steady lack of time. From there, it's just a step away from picking up a growing number of bad habits (we do not have lunch at the workplace, if we do, we do not eat quality foods, we feel unnecessarily stressed by stress).

And if you want to live a healthy and harmonious life, wrong habits will show us the worst way possible.

How much vitamin is needed?

DeLaVie's innovation is that it contains dissolved water-soluble vitamins at the same dose as one serving per can cover the daily vitamin requirement of an average person.

Swiss herbal extracts have also been added to the drink, the active ingredients of which support the mechanisms of action of vitamins.

La Boisson DeLavie

La Boisson DeLaVie from Swiss Laboratory is multivitamin drink with a unique recipe, which makes your daily essential nutrient supplementation easier, even in the case of a stressful lifestyle, smoking, intense sports activity, advanced age vitamin deficiency, as well as vitamin deficient diet. It supplies your body with indispensable micro-nutrients, while its ingredients promote your body’s functioning in a targeted way.

Switch to vitamins! Healthy nutrition has never been so simple. Daily nutrient supplementation without capsules and pills, with functional food products vitamin matrixes – vitamin interconnections intensifying each other’s effect, for maximum effect easily absorbed, diluted form ingredients High quality, internationally certified raw materials Herbal extracts originating from the Swiss Alps irresistible flavours no preservatives or artificial colours