While supplementation is just one factor of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle, there are conclusive reasons why a life without supplementation will not suffice.

Water and soil quality have declined

Depending on the kind of water you drink, you might be getting too much of some things and not enough of others. For example, water filters remove the magnesium in your water, leaving many of us deficient. Modern methods of producing water have created major changes in our H2O’s mineral content.

The soil has changed, too. Improper farming, such as plants grown over and over again on the same land, has robbed our ground of nutrients. They are depleted faster than replenished, and the gap continues to widen. While soil does get nutrients from fertilizer, those ingredients don’t nourish us. What’s more, most of our plants don’t go from the earth directly to us. They sit on shelves and trucks for long periods of time, their nutrients wasting away.

Food quality has declined
This one needs little explanation. The average American diet is scary; and even if you limit your intake to organic and grass-fed items, there are still pitfalls. Food travels long distances and endures lengthy storage. In addition, processing, cooking and trying to preserve these foods leads to further nutrient depletion.

Even with the increasingly popular macronutrient diet – a.k.a. flexible dieting – problems arise. Flexible dieting is great because you feed your macros and still get to enjoy donuts. But if you’re not paying attention to your micronutrients, you could potentially undo all your hard work with a whole new set of problems. Supplements can help fill in the gaps where diet falls short.

Your body absorbs fewer nutrients as you age
Research has repeatedly shown that as we age, our bodies have a harder time absorbing nutrients. In one study of 50 participants aged 65 to 92 years old – 33 of whom experienced anaemia, chronic diarrhea, or bone pains and 17 of whom were healthy with no symptoms – 15 cases of malabsorption were found. Two of these cases came from perfectly healthy participants.

This problem of improper absorption is compounded by the fact that…

Pharmaceutical drug use depletes nutrients
And people generally take more drugs as they age. Americans are, overall, participating in pharmaceutical drug use more. One study of 3,005 individuals from 57 to 85 years old found that 81% used at least one prescription medication, 29% used at least five prescription medications and 42% used at least one over-the-counter medicine . That’s a lot of drugs.

Studies have demonstrated that supplementation is good for athletes
Why? It helps you gain lean muscle mass when done in conjunction with strength training